Just hang on — that’s what faith is.

"Being is much more important than receiving these messages. Teaching is about integration, yet only those with sufficient integrity can begin to learn. First whole (/heal) yourself. Place your hands either side of your head and quietly feel the healing power — transfer that to any other part of the body that needs it. Give up for ever your ambitions in the world of ego — trust your consciousness to bring you to the place you belong. It may involve many shifts to accomplish so just hang onthat’s what faith is. You’ve left the world of ego. If you could get there by eyesight and physical skill, however meritorious, no real faith would’ve been involved — conventional religion can achieve that!
"Don’t measure your achievements against others — there is no such scale in the world of spirit. Our loving parent sees each of you individually without judgment and praises your growth. Praise reflects mutual esteem. Your praise of someone makes that person respond complementarily. Praise God, praise your fellows, praise the meagrest thing — whatever warmth you give will be reflected a hundredfold."

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