The spiritual function of the division between ego—soul—spirit

"Your soul is the undying part of you which incarnates as it needs to on a continuum of development towards god-consciousness. Even if you choose to call it your spirit what is described is that which is essentially and inalienably you apart from ego. The two together form the Self.
"If you want to play the ‘big guy’, stay within the power and sphere of the ego! So long as your physical energy holds out your ego is 'safe' from ‘divine sabotage’. While the vessel surrounding the liquid soul is strong and virile, the physical vigour of its exterior is attractive; but inevitably it decays — and what then happens to the meagre unfermented soul within? ‘Divine sabotage’ is designed to shatter the ego so that the liquid of soul flows multi-dimensionally, merging and blending to nourish the world – for part of your function is to progress the cycle by growing others as you yourself were grown.
"Have there been points in your life you feared you might cease to exist owing to the stress you felt yourSelf, your personality, to be under? That’s just the structure of your ego metamorphosing to prepare for an abundant release of soul. (Picture an analogy with the birth process or the transformation of the pupa.) After the soul is open to receive, comes its fertilisation by spirit. Spirit exists in many forms as ‘collective unconscious’. Every family or tribe of humans has its own spirit — an archetype which reinforces their sense of identity as they come closest to it. In early days where family and tribe were synonymous the continuity was easy to maintain. Now a different situation exists where the two are quite separate. You’re born into family but you choose the tribe on the basis of affinity.
"There is a core experience within every separate vocation -be it acting, accountancy, or animal welfare- that forms an archetype or algorithm. The more a practitioner can synchronise hir own rhythms with those of the algorithm, or archetype, the greater hir success will be — because s/he is harnessing the latent energy in the algorithm and ceases to strive. The absence of striving in turns contributes an apparent effortlessness to that person’s activities which is, quite correctly, thought of as godlike.
"Spirit therefore by fertilising the Self releases into a new dimension of metaphysical possibilities. Given the impulse of the universe to move towards unity the vast majority of Spirit algorithms tend towards the positive. But there are negative algorithms and these too can be discovered and harnest. If you persevere in either direction you will find the archetypal consciousness within, & into, which yourSelf can be released.
"However, overarching/underpinning all, is the ultimate algorithm of the infinite unity which encompasses all shorter cycles, and within which is contained every possibility — of the universe, of the earth, of life, of humanity, of flora, of nations, of people, of fauna, of relationships, of thought.
"To discover and reconcile yourself with that great Aum of consciousness is to be released into the timeless possibilities of being interpenetrated by Holy Spirit, the divine One of eternity."

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