The relationship between physical & psychic need

"It is right for you to concentrate on your outer needs at this time."
Why didn’t you bring this into my awareness sooner?
"Because you weren’t ready. Your needs are not as you see them, for your ‘need’ distorts your perception. Physical needs are always reflections of psychic needs.
The natural human impulse is to meet the physical need and then sort out the psychic. But by doing that you close up the window of greatest opportunity for inner transformation. Your physical need has evolved in order to peel back layers of protective consciousness. When that process has reached its most acute your outer awareness is thinnest and therefore most alert to the inner world.
"Suppose I had resolved your outer need earlier, you would have assumed that represented the maximum transformation required? You trusted and were, as promised, sustained. By continuing to respond to your inner promptings, even in the face of pressure, you have detached the existing linkage that locked your inner and outer realities together, and are now free to alter the balance — which you never would’ve been before. Now you’re to be rewarded, and I tell you now so you may prepare and not be swept off balance by new opportunities. Moreover, your spiritual priorities having been established you will no longer have false expectations about how and whence this comes.
It is above all important, if you wish to progress spiritually, that you maintain an inner detachment. Always resolve psychic need first. If you can't separate the two ask what most dignifies the Way, your immediate surroundings. This doesn’t imply losing sight of your goal, or not having one, rather it means allowing it to evolve.
Maybe your goal was at first the physical realisation of a certain ambition. Don’t be misled by the presence of other people’s expectations: your goal is always to do what is right for the Universe. In that there is transformation for you and for everyone. The goal is to make whole — but be wise: wholeness is relative. You’ve seen for yourself; to make fully whole may require to a fundamental remoulding. Don’t attempt to do our work for us! Don’t invent agendas for others, nor build with unstable materials. When you’re centred the right partners will manifest themselves. Armed with that knowledge you need never be weak.
Never allow the magnitude of your surroundings to daunt you. The same principles apply in palaces as in hovels. It takes real balance and inner attunement to know when its right to yield and right to be firm. But by remaining flexible, if need be to the point of resignation from your own creation, you maintain an awareness that allows for the possibility of evolution.
Always retain the right to change your mind, but do so in such a way that others can participate in the process. If they accuse you of inconsistency ignore the charge, for you can be sure that they will be the least consistent themselves. Don’t allow the imbalance of others to distort your own, no matter how strong the pressure. Don’t introject (absorb as a reality) the consciousness of others with a strong outer reality but inside a psychic vacuum. Be true to your inmost self, avoid excess. Balance is both the way and the destination."

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