Prediction - distinguishing between short and long term truth

"The reason some can predict the future is because they refine their vibrations to the point they can detect the difference between short and long term truth. However, longer term truth isn’t something fixed, it's a balance of probabilities that mutates within tolerances established by the probabilities themselves. A seer picks up these vibrations, which may derive from an individual or a wider situation, and responds — often without being aware of the process. No human can ever be wholly free from ego, it's one of the foundation stones of consciousness, but the greater the willingness to release personal ambition the more of hir self a seer makes available to receive.
"Males are more endowed with ego. However the psychological stability this is intended to create within communal relationships has been distorted by those who find they can use it to exercise power over others. Those who have been bred within these false values find it hard indeed to shed them and develop the responsive side of their personalities. Correspondingly, those with constitutionally lower ego profiles find it easier. If you understand the process, you’ll be willing to let it takes its course, however improbable that may appear on the ground."

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