Sequere Deum - follow the energy

"You’re ready to distinguish between inner and outer reality, or higher and lower consciousness. You conduct an enormous voltage. If that power isn’t connected to a ring main it just goes straight into the earth and can't accomplish what it's sent to do.
"If you’re among people whose plugs/sockets/voltages are different how can you connect? It's another way of saying the tribe knows its own. If you go trying to connect with situations or people whose energy doesn’t match yours, small wonder that circuits fuse or people unplug.
You can only conduct your full power when you’ve brought your inner and outer reality into harmony. The inner reality we speak of is your higher consciousness. It's no good having the raw power of higher consciousness informing your inner reality if your outward connection is dodgy or broken. It isn’t enough. Power not transformed & transmitted is a very dangerous entity. It can flare out and burn the very people it was meant to enlighten.
"The expectations of other people create the ring main or power network. Everybody has a different energy need, and you’ve to find those whom you can share with, otherwise the surplus power will burn you up. Do you feel that voltage? Is it connecting properly? No? Then where is it strongest? Go there. Follow the energy. Equalise the inner and the outer. Don’t worry if it seems to involve lower inner energy. It wont happen that way, and you’ll receive so much you won't notice the lack.
"If you’re called you must act, otherwise the next step won't appear. You’ll have to wait for a new set of circumstances."

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