"The birds were singing about you, now they are gone. One called, the other replied, and so on. They had no awareness of affirming or denying a destiny. They did what their heart impelled. That is your calling too – but if your heart is flighty whatever you achieve will be borne away by the next breeze. If you spend time with your heart it will grow and assume mass. It will become self-affirming, that is self-reproducing.
"Once you start, the process is self-expanding – not a one-location, one-off planting. Once a growing season has take place your seeds will be borne on the wind all over the world - until a network of consciousness exists.
"So go now, in my strength, and gently hold these feelings, choosing to surrender rather than fight - for so you imbue and, in your scattering /being scattered, impregnate all."

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