Being a ball on a fountain

"Your mind becomes confused when you try to figure your way round terrestrial problems. They are too many and too numerous to be resolved, products of other minds attempting to solve other problems. Work at the level that suits you. Don’t be afraid of a high calling. It may separate you from earthy people, but at what gain! Concentrate on being the gift, not giving it.
If you are a person who focuses hir energy on acquiring certain articles do not be surprised if these articles bind you to the earth. Powers of this kind are most rewardingly used for the benefit of all, namely to draw into existence healing, philanthropic endeavours and community-creating good-will - in other words whatever promotes wholeness and spreads that awareness.
"Concentrating on your own needs alone you create division: therefore instead of releasing your power you imprison it within your desires. Since it is not separate from you, your whole awareness is correspondingly focused on specific tangible objects rather than the liberating effect of raising consciousness. Whatever you do, do it for the sensation you have when your inmost being smiles and laughs - for truly, when you do actually please yourself you please all, and when you please all you yourself are pleased.
"All must be held in balance between the earthy and the airy-fairy, between the needs of self and the demands of others. You cannot make a mark and say 'this is my ideal point’, because, firstly, what would you make such a mark on?, and secondly, you yourself know that in two minutes, two days or perhaps two years you will feel completely different. Aim to be a ball on a fountain of water, dancing calmly in the sunlight, any violent moves and you’re likely to fall off. Concentrate on truth and the problems will either unravel themselves or disappear."

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