Inspired prayer

"Most holy and loving God, my uncomprehending approaches to you are inspired and guided by your gentle magnetism. Give me that simple trust to accept that what is happening is your work in my life. Open my heart to swim with the great possibilities you prepare for me. Still the butterflies in my stomach and the doubter in my head. Let me be filled from the crown of my head with your glowing love, and protect me against the folly of my own decisions and desires. Guard those I love."

> This inspired prayer was given to me as I faced financial melt-down. I appeared likely to lose my house, & with it the trust of my wife & kids – yet when starting my enterprise I had believed I was guided by the cosmic force & so I had to trust that what was now happening was part of the plan. And so it was.
> We did indeed sell our house – for £13,000 more than we were asking – which almost exactly matched the amount of money I'd lost. Now we live in a beautiful house in quiet countryside, where our life-processes have been quietly unfolding ever since; albeit not without some fairly big hiccups. But the experience of this time in 93 has given me great confidence in trusting the God I sense within these events to bring about a harmonious conclusion after the intermediate processes required.

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