Love is the evolutionary force

> We talk of love, but what do we really mean? Is love a feeling or is it a principle?
"Love exists as a metaphysical force, creating networks of energy in response to many different kinds of input, not least ours. When we love we instantly connect to that energy network and feel an empowerment. Often you focus such empowerment on another person, but in reality the other person has simply exposed the power source within you.
"Love is felt principally throu a relationship. It is almost impossible to imagine the existence of love as a force if you are not experiencing it throu some human agency. Some people think the opposite of love is hate, but it isn’t: the opposite is simply 'not love’. You have only to look round our cities to see what 'not love’ produces. It isn’t hate, it's indifference. Hate involves the recognition of a similarity in another person which you despise in yourself. Indifference involves no process of recognition at all. Science has demonstrated in many studies that children, animals, even plants, fail to thrive in conditions where indifference, rather than love, is shown."
> How can we strip away the overlaid debris of a busy life and come to that personal 'power point’?
"Stillness is crucial. While you are full of busyness it is easy to overlook or to mistake that 'still, small voice’ which alone is your faithful guide. You have to be willing to follow it without precondition. You may fear an inner impulse could ask some impossible sacrifice, but that is highly unlikely. What is more probable is that your inner voice is attempting to bring itself to your attention and that this is manifesting itself as an 'issue’ because your conscious awareness is actively repressing it. Lastly, and most importantly, you have to trust the process. If you are in a strange city you have no choice but to trust someone who is leading you. Often, to use the old example, you may need to start from a different point to get to your destination – and that may involve the rebuilding of your personality. That experience is incredibly scary, you feel as if the essential you is dissolving [which it is!] - for you cannot experience the depths of love while you hold blocked energy (/anger) in your heart. Love is a dynamic not a passive force – and once you invite it into your life it will work as exuberantly and as completely as the growing grass in springtime. Allow."

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