Spiritual Days

"A Day in spiritual terms is an epoch or process. For instance your life is a 'day'. Deep insight is needed to see longer cycles, particularly since they often overlap, and what may be the start of a cycle (the incarnation of a master) is also a point in the middle of another 'day’s' arc.
"A physical day is a defined period, a revolution of the earth. A metaphysical Day is more like a piece of music or a book. When someone embarks on it they often have only a vague idea of the length, and the process of composition itself begins to define size and scope of the work: it acquires an inner logic as it progresses, interweaving the thought-strands until the creator feels that an inner logic is satisfied.
"Embarking on a spiritual enterprise creates a similar set of conditions, even tho the whole work may involve many individuals over more than a single lifetime. This is why it is so important that you do not attempt to 'control’ its spirit. What you do naturally reflects you: but if you try to control the result you limit it to reflect your attitudes and the prejudices of your peers – rather than allow it to acquire an energy that engages & integrates your whole personality in its creation, leaving you as well as it changed as a result.
"For any Day’s work to be fulfilled it is important that those who are called to it lay the whole of their personality 'on the altar’ of that work. They and it have been brought together precisely because of their alignment; if one party thinks s/he 'knows best’ it skews, or even prevents, the alignment. Knowing best may be as apparently harmless as following conventional wisdom - itself usually a misnomer!
"Learning to be true to the impulses of the spirit requires the kind of adjustments couples have to make when they first begin to live together. Their relationship’s 'day’ will be defined by the depth at which they’re willing to make adjustments. So it is in any spiritual work you may be called to. Because that work is an organic spiritual force quite apart from your involvement, you and it have to make adjustments. Remember, in any relationship the reactor is the one who moulds it!
"Do not be surprised if the work's evolution [in realms to which your vision may not yet be adjusted] may sometimes create pauses during which you may feel abandoned. When you are intensely involved with a human lover you are super-normally responsive and can sometimes smother relationships by failing to allow your lover the time and space to develop. That involves trust. If you cannot trust that s/he will return you don't have much of a relationship. So also spiritually. You may experience 'gaps’ in your contact with the divine energy source. There will always be a reason, but it may not be possible for you to know it at the time, any more than you can know why your lover has not arrived. Afterwards, when it is appropriate, you will know.
"You are like a traveller receiving directions on the phone from somone who knows the way. If the guide does not tell you to turn off, stick to the way ahead until further instructions are received. To do otherwise is to risk becoming hopelessly lost, and possibly to stray out of reach of the transmitter.
"So, steadiness & trust are the two prerequisites for allowing your day to dawn, sustaining it as runs its course, and having the courage to recognise when evening heralds transformation. With those qualities stillness comes as a natural by-product, and that stillness brings the sensitivity to the existence of Days which are invisible to a loud type of consciousness."

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