The way to the heart of the labyrinth

> Why can I not just die and return to spirit like a flower that folds at evening?
"The flower performs its 'righteousness' and is released - so will you be when your dharma is complete."
> What do you mean?
"An animal or a plant cannot deviate from the path allotted to it, wherever it lies in the food chain. Its nature is its path; its path is its service; its service is its duty; its duty is its righteousness; its righteousness is its harmonious perpetuation of life. It lives without choices with its soul at one with the great soul of its species, from whom it derives consciousness and without which it would wither and die. That is the meaning of dharma.
"The life of any plant or animal is the highest form of existence to which you can aspire. When you pledge yourself to the great soul you invite the same forces to operate in your life which operate in theirs. From that point onward pleasure /comfort /happiness is no longer your principal concern; you are now athirst for this 'righteousness', for this connectedness to the great soul – and thus the great soul hirself acknowledges you by treating you as hir own nature. That is your dharma; that is your calling; that is your reward.
"Whom s/he loves, s/he corrects. You enter this new value system with many old preconceptions and prejudices. What you're experiencing is the difficulty in adapting to the new value system. Certain attitudes have to be re-formed - and that is often painful, especially if you think comfort is the highest good. The great soul does not concern hirself with what is easeful but with what is truthful.
"Be of good heart. When your difficulties have led you to understand the new attitude/s required, the time of 'testing' is over. You will 'have your day', depend upon it, but your day is of a completely different character to the idea of an earthly day. If you interrupt the process you simply delay its dawning."

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