Problems are manifestations of inner psychic reality

"When the needs of survival drum in your ears it is hard to hear the soft pulse of the spirit.
Problems are always a manifestation of inner psychic reality. So often you blunder around in the dark looking for the fault when the answer is always to stand by the door and turn on the light. See the overview before you delve into the detail. The highest, purest light is always available to you. Nothing is ever clear if you're too wound up to see straight!
"There may appear to be an antithesis between doing the right thing and survival, between spiritual direction and material needs. If you are preoccupied with your survival it may (/probably will) obscure your true spiritual direction. A new-born baby’s sensory awareness centres disproportionately around its thumb and mouth, as it grows older its nerve-brain balance spreads more equally over the whole body.
"When the spiritual senses are first awakened you have this immense need to suck the universe dry - you require constant feeding, there is an ache in your stomach for nourishment. But if you cannot get past that stage you’ll never be able to take solid food. And without solid food you cannot hope to grow. If you are going to let your spiritual work be governed by your perception of your material needs you can really forget having a spiritual work at all!
As above so below - not as below so above! Few who achieve spiritual mastery do so not by innate ability – but by persistence, and a refusal to be bought off with anything less than realising the highest truth within their perception."

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