What changes your luck?

"What changes your luck is honouring who you truly are – honouring the truth that is born with you – honouring your spirit guides and your relatives.
"Is your first reaction: 'bolox!'? Then consider how that slams the door on a range of possibilites & leaves you shut into your ego-centre?
"Perhaps you have been bruised by unfullfilled hopes? Two affirmations are crucially important: Allow & Be. One allows your world to be permeated by a positive dynamic; the other affirms that you are & have both a calling and a right to be.
"These qualities are like two friends who between them tug & nudge you towards the fullness you dream of – in fact, the fullness that will allow you to be that very hope which you may have been expecting to come from somewhere outside. When these two are in balance your hopes can be met because they will be harmoniously compatible with highest truth that was born with(in) you – because by then the ego & its needs will no longer be your driving force, for your good will be compatible with the greater good."

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