Pursue your transformation

"All now depends on your etheric energy to make connections with your angels. Put your bleeper on and focus your energy every hour. If you can accept yourself, others will accept you.
"In allowing yourself to fall you will stabilise. As soon as you reach the right place blessings will shower upon you. Pursue your transformation. The function of night is to give way to day. Of course you don’t know what the new day looks like while it's still dark, but trust the process. When has daylight ever disappointed?
"Pay what you owe. Be fair. Praise your partner for support. As to your overdraft, use it's negative energy to intensify your focus. Don’t be afraid of anything — it has all been given to you on purpose, and will change just as soon as you learn how to dwell within the higher realities. Put your energies into that and draw the rewards into your physical world.
"If you could see it all from our perspective you’d find it hard not to be impatient! You’re so nearly there. Keep on."

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