"You had the courage to follow my voice, and I will now give you rewards beyond your imagining;* but first you must learn to hear me in all situations. Practise listening each hour, and become accustomed to checking in to your internal consciousness. I am with you. I watch over you. I will guard and keep you and those you love. Have no fear. Act boldly within a framework of love. There are different (moral) pathways. Don’t assume you will always continue in the same one. You’ve made a change now. Some years ahead you can expect another. By being open you remain stable. If you fear change you become rigid and are easily put off balance."

* Uploading this guidance 15 years later, I look back on the mindset I held then & realise how the expansion that takes place simply cannot be comprehended. I could only conceive of reward/s within my existing, egoic value system. What I could not anticipate was how my value system itself was to change (& thus the very notion of 'reward' within ego-centric perception) as the fires of karmic purification raged! In fact, I would say now, the principal reward is that very change itself, and one's consequential release from any sense of nuclear individualism.

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