Sitting by the brook watching the butterflies darting about on the warm earth, I thought back to the previous evening when focussing on Sai Baba produced an immediate cessation of my virulent head cold. I was given to understand that any saint or holy emissary could be summoned by quiet focus – which is to say that we can attune ourselves to a specific vibration.
At that moment a dragonfly skimmed up the open patch of stream between the dense undergrowth. I readied my camera for its return – but instead a second dragonfly flew up in the same direction. This made me reflect how the various insects are all like the spiritual vibrations that surround us – we have to study their behaviour patterns if we want to receive them.
One or other dragonfly made half a dozen more sorties while I sat there - whether I was attuned enough to get a decent shot, only subsequent inspection will reveal.

Anghiari, near Arezzo, Italy

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