5 Riddles of Light

"How pleasant to see you again. We bring you light. The light showers upon you, whether you can see it or not."
How could we not see light? If it did not enlighten, how indeed could it be light?
"Many lights shine upon you do they not? Only people with spiritual attunement can distinguish between the different qualities. Some light carries the whole spectrum, some a highly partial one. Subjectively all may be functional but only a certain kind of colour balance is actually beneficial to the eye.
"The glare of delusion often eclipses the simple flame of truth.
There are 4 things that are hard to understand, a fifth that puzzles the greatest minds:
What is the condition of light when it is not shining?
What happens to darkness in the presence of light?
What is the origin & source of light that it should be different from darkness?
From the heat of toil, darkness is a blessing – yet people fear it.
There is no path dividing darkness & light that can be recognised or trodden."

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