Light is never lost, even in the dark season

"Within everyone there is a light which guides. If that secret, personal light is tended and nurtured it becomes a joyful fire which warms the individual and enlightens anyone who touches your life in any way. If the inner light is not attended to it shrivels away to the faintest glimmer. So long as life exists it can never be extinguished, but if covered over or lost among artificial illumination it may be very hard to restore.
"If you want to understand, you can. But you must put away every theory and be willing to listen to nothing except your own heartbeat. Don’t be surprised if it gives you different answers at different times — or even at the same time! This is just a reflection of your divided personality. Within every dilemma you can sense that one path calls you to growth, while other paths are suggested by your mental conditioning.
"At first it is often by no means easy to discern which is which. However, your heart knows. Follow it no matter how ‘impossible’ — a way will open throu whatever barrier opposes you, be it rock, desert, or sea. Each obstacle strengthens you to become weaker. Helpless you become aware of your true power.
"As you grow you become lighter. Shining you become conscious of the darkness. Grounded you’re released from gravity. But if you strive you hold yourself back. If you seek reward it’ll tie you to the earth. If you care, you'll be trapt.
"Dance in the morning sun. Feel it echo the warmth within. Welcome the rain which makes things grow. Welcome the frost which causes seeds to germinate. Welcome the autumn which lays things to rest.
"Welcome the time of summer’s abundance, but don’t forget that its to be no more than a quarter of your cycle. Winter will pass when its work is done. Hasten it by accepting what must die, and allow the new light to glimmer, then glow, then flicker, then burst out into the tremulous glory of a new springtime."

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