Where great light abounds great darkness is also found

"You’ll get throu this, but only if you walk step by step. It's vital for you both to pool your knowledge about spending, and to buy groceries with the utmost care, excluding whatever is not absolutely essential. The situation has been engineered to cause you to literally watch and pray. Please now stop drinking altogether; apart from the expense, it deadens your inner ear.
You can't serve God & Mammon. It's important that you consult and decide together. No more, you in your corner, C in hers.
"Where great light abounds great darkness is also found. Now the period of unreality is over you must make your life a tribute to the light.
"You are the Moses. You must find your Aaron. In the meantime by all means offer yourself to Geoff. It would be a fine learning path. I am not yet made whole in you. K is in danger, you should be prepared to help her."

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