Don't miss your big chance - Be single-minded about being ready

"You can't have it both ways. Either you want to follow a spiritual path and be led by the highest power ... or you know best. This dithering between the 2 ways has brought you to the point you now face.
"Your energy has been refined like air to receive from spiritual sources and therefore is no longer as dense as is required to motivate those who are earthy. Unless you make the leap and commit yourself wholly to the higher energies the lower ones will drag you down, and you’ll be caught forever between the 2, belonging to neither.
"It isn’t our way to dictate. But if you can't follow what is being said clearly, how will you grow in perception to receive the subtler transmissions that can direct you forwards? If you were a trapeze artist and the swing was traveling toward you how could you hope to catch it if you weren’t poised to respond with split-second precision? If you just stand there, not concentrating to see which direction its coming from and hoping that it’ll hit you, there’s every chance you’ll fumble the connection or be knocked off balance. If the swing turns back without you it could be many years before all the rhythms recycle to bring it back. And you’d be left dangling. This is your chance. Be single-minded about being ready."

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