Honouring your self creates harmony all around you

"If giving praise (honouring) is important, so is receiving it. Observe how insincere people trade flattery – observe the wonderful effect it has! Everyone loves them. They're actually doing what you should be doing — warming their atmosphere with praise. Characteristically, they speak of the outer person but you can speak of the inner.
"Perhaps you think you haven’t the insight or the status? What nonsense. You have a unique entitlement to say what I/we show. The more holistic, the better it’ll work; & the better it works, the more it’ll unify your own personality. Praise doesn’t just make you look outward, it opens your heart to receive honour directly from heaven. If you’re in the habit of honouring /praising it’ll attract honour /praise to you.
"And yourself? Why not praise /honour your self? Honouring sets all things in harmony. It is the nature and state of heaven. When your heart is exalted you experience heaven. This is what awaits you! Something to look forward to, eh? But you can know it now, you can have that experience within your everyday life, if you’ll only make that little effort to love yourself and show yourSelf approval. If you strive it can't happen — it requires trust. For trust produces balance.
"All we want to do is welcome more and more joyful-filled /joy-fulfilled souls into our world of light. Come with us, be one of us."

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