You can have any reality you’ve the faith for

"Open your third eye, what do you see?"
A sunlit haze.
"You’re trying too hard. Accept that you are perfect instead of striving to be! Go inside again."
Cows in a succulent meadow, the verdant hedgerow.
"That’s better. Don’t keep measuring yourself against some impossibly high standard. Accept your current stage of spiritual evolution and just be what you are. That will be much more rewarding and attractive than striving miserably for what you were never destined to be.
Don’t let your energy be trapt on the earth-plane just because you’re afraid to dispense with the so-called 'real' world. You can have any reality you’ve the faith for. Of course there may be karma you have to work throu, & your impediments are there to feed you the necessary energy to overcome them. The greater the stumbling–block, the greater the praise /honouring it requires to shift it. That’s the reason to love your enemies. The only threat they pose is to your complacent expectations. Be grateful when they shake you up, and even as they seek to batter you soar over their heads on the energy of praise."

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