Accept that you’re a cherished plant of rare beauty

"You are the way you are for a reason. You’ve evolved to this point because it was how it has been necessary for you to grow. The question is whether you’re willing to release it?
"Don’t hold onto anything. You may have to release even the spiritual practice you live by in order to move into the next stage. It’s hard, when you’ve felt so certain, to face becoming uncertain again, but that may be the price of your enlargement. Please don’t suppose you should be giving anything up. Just be alert and free to respond.
"As you grew in your first school you felt increasingly secure in your position: you knew your world and, for better or worse, it knew you. In your final term you were at last top dog: there was noone left to throw you off balance. Then all of a sudden you outgrew that environment and were picked up and thrown into a completely new one – at the bottom of the heap all over again. It wasn’t your ‘fault’. There was nothing ‘wrong’. It was just part of the growth process.
Think in spiritual terms: do you want to remain top of the kindergarten for 30 years? Maybe you’ve finished a period in a tough school and are due for the freedom of a spiritual university? Maybe your education has become too idyllic to be stimulating, and your guides are offering you something ‘livelier’? Whatever may be the case, don’t measure yourself against anyonelse: they’ve evolved their way because that's what they needed – you’ve evolved your way because that’s what you needed. That’s your special beauty, accept it.
"What use would it be for a climbing rose to wish to be a self–supporting standard rose? Accept that you’re a cherished plant of rare beauty which requires special conditions wherein to grow – and you’ve got them, like it or not! (If you were a weed you could’ve grown anywhere and nobody would’ve cared!) So accept the natural pace of your growth and respond appropriately to the conditions in which you find yourself."

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