Globe of Light - the evolution of spiritual consciousness

"Let us look at the history of higher awareness in the world.
"Imagine all is darkness, so that you’re not aware whether you’re looking at a void or at an object, and if so what shape that object might be; or indeed in which direction you should be looking at all? As your unseeing gaze wanders anxiously across the æons of darkness, your attention is held by a few tiny pinpricks of developed consciousness glowing dimly in a fairly localised area. This defines your direction and you stare intently. The pinpricks begin to move, almost imperceptibly, in a fascinating adagio of interaction.
"At a certain point, for reasons you can’t immediately determine, this triggers a growing brightness, and one of the points becomes an obvious focus. You, with the eye of history, see only the light. You don’t ‘see’ the darkness, and yet there is actually so much darkness surrounding you that proportionately the light is infinitesimal. Nor can you tell the scale of what you’re looking at: is it far distant and immense, or close up but minuscule? Over the millennia the lights slowly fan out, and as they spread they change colour. You’re fascinated to know why – and after much reflection you realise they’re evolving in part as a response to natural conditions and partly as a result of the inner dynamic of the light itself.
"At length you become aware that the object on which the light occurs is a globe. You move around it and you see that it has begun to define itself in terms of the solid land rather than the fluid surface. You observe that there are certain areas in which the lights glow more brightly than elsewhere, and that each has a very special quality. But you still see nothing of, or in, the darkness except where the light illuminates it. Eventually a period arrives when there are several quite separate light– explosions in different parts of the globe, each of which imparts a predominant colour to all the lights in the surrounding area. You begin to see clearly what the nature of the darkness is.
"Then, in one particularly active zone there is an explosion so bright that for a brief moment it illuminates a universe more immense than you could have ever supposed. In that revelation you see not just what is there but also forwards and backwards to other dimensions and times too. The pace of development now increases. The exploded light disseminates itself with enormous energy. Yet a curious thing happens. Often that energy moves into another dimension and assumes a latency which appears like darkness. You only know it's there because you’ve learnt to recognise the quality of Light, even when it isn’t alight. From the way the lights shudder and twinkle you know that they’re organically affected by the darkness. Yet they pulse in long cycles, lighter, darker, lighter, suddenly dark, suddenly light.
"And so you become aware that the now enormous energy of 'not-light' is re-forming even the light itself as it struggles to emerge from the dimension in which it’s evolved. The turmoil of the globe is clearly visible as all the lights develop visible links. Now for the first time you realise how little light there has always been in relation to the darkness, and you wonder at the miracle by which it has survived at all.
"As the luminescence grows you realise that darkness is simply irrelevant. It exists only to define what light is. You find it dazzling – blinding yet exhilarating; and realise that had this amount of light been thrown at you early on you couldnt’ve survived. Yet now here you are: you’re in the light, you seem to know everything, to have everything you need, to be warmed, fed, loved. In short you have become all those qualities which previously you had projected onto an external being you called God. Now you know you are them. And you’re ready to carry the dynamic of unification forward on a new set of dimensions whose very existence you couldnt’ve imagined before the illumination had revealed them to you."

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