Struggling is not your true nature

"You can’t become peace-full by removing external pressure, you can only be at peace if you have allowed it to fill you full of your true nature. If you’re still struggling you’re not living in your true nature.
"If you fear, what do you fear?
– Is it God or people?
– – If God, then approach the source of your fear and ask for its meaning to be shown you.
– – – If it’s other people or a situation, then seek to rediscover your relationship with the source, and examine what function those fears have in relation to it.
"You can either live on the level of reality or of illusion. If you’re fearful then you’ve not yet fully moved into reality. Use this affirmation:
I am abundant with life,
abundant with light,
abundant with spiritual health.
I call these qualities into my life
and ask that they may manifest all my/our practical needs."

18/12/05. It has taken me the intervening 15 years of working with this affirmation to begin to feel its truth. This week/end has been the first time I think I have managed to stay centred & successfully invoke my angels to resolve a financial crisis, & it feels quite wonderful. Mind you they've a bit more work left to do over Xmas!

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