Don't lament what you can't do - honour what you've done

"Don't worry how long it takes or how tortuous the road. It's following to the end which gains the prize. The greater your natural depth the longer it may take to find it.
"Trust that you are on the only path that can lead you there. You must allow other people to participate in your process just as the Divine Source allows you to participate in hirs. Otherwise how are others themselves to receive the kind of acknowledgement which you crave for yourself?

"Now is your greatest battle. Fight it with vigour. Fight to win!
"Remember what I said when we started? A step at a time.
"Concentrate on laying this brick perfectly in your wall. Leave the design to us.

"Do you suspect it looks wayward and absurd? What must Antonio Gaudi's workmen have thought? Do as you're bidden and the next step will appear. It will be one of glorious enlargement. You've served faithfully; prepare to accept your desserts.

"But don't imagine the testing is behind you. This has just been the kindergarten slopes. When you're on the mountain alone in a blizzard – that's when you'll know what testing is! You can go as high and as far and as fast as you wish. Your subconscious controls your destiny. Please don't, however, for your own sake, let it place your rewards out of reach!
You deserve encouragement at each stage. Don't stint yourself.

"So be at peace; but be vigilant, you have a great treasure to guard;
sleep or lack of consciousness will rob you of it.

Let everything be done in an orderly and appropriate manner ...

Neither fast nor slow,
Not up, not down,
Neither high nor low,
Without smile or frown.
Not alone nor in a crowd,
Of use to all but used by none,
Neither silently nor yet aloud,
Balanced between infinity and one.

Don't lament what you can't do - honour what you've done."

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