The dimension of unconscious knowing

"Don’t expect to be understood by those who aren’t actively following a spiritual path.
"Most people are struggling so hard to make sense of the world they can see that they have no resources with which to comprehend a world they can’t see. Of course, if they could comprehend it, they’d be able to make sense of the physical world!
"Next comes a spiritual training program for which you’ll need all your wits, so get in good shape to keep vigilant. I AM with you. Review past messages as often as possible. It’ll strengthen you. Your wings aren’t yet formed. How can they be when your spiritual body is still so new? As its strength grows so the muscles develop to allow flight.
"Stop complicating your music.* Don’t strive to notate. Allow your inner stillness to transmit itself directly onto the paper. Ask and you shall receive. Go on, ask! Then wait for it to be given you, don’t ‘take’ it in advance by spending your own money. Allow the timing to come from above. Keep on the spiritual alert. (Be unceasingly vigilant) I AM.
"You already have the ability to listen, so listen!"

* It's interesting to reread this 15 years later. After 8 years of going throu some pretty dark places where nobody wanted to know about my music at all, I reached a point where the music began to appear to me in dream. From that point on I had no doubt about the quality of my inner (musical) voice, & its connexion with the 'dimension of unconscious knowing' of which this blog is a record.

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