Trust & Be

"What great joy!
The Bible refers to the time of Mary’s purification. Any ritual is not just for the individual’s benefit, it is for a whole community. You may think you’ve learnt some lesson, but it may be part of the wholing process that you have to be the means of others learning it too - and that may involve sacrifice. If you can surrender your will you’ll bring great grace and purification into your life. Above all, if you have experienced trust you must trust now. Trust & Be."

> From 14 years later I can still remember the intense anguish of this period – running a publishing company, not to mention family life, with no reserves at all. It really felt like being squeezed till every fibre of my body was alive with pain. And yet the memory of that feeling of aliveness is one that I cherish and have carried with me ever since. Thus are gifts contained in the most unlikely circumstances.

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