Feeling not ok IS ok

"It’s perfectly alright not to feel okay. It’s just another way of feeling. If you don’t allow yourself to feel bad, it’s quite likely you won't allow yourself to feel good either. Your feelings are your best guide to reality.
"Everything in life is fluid, and your feelings are far better detectors of change than your intellect. If you’re really in touch with your feelings you’re far less likely to be sandbagged by events or other people’s fickleness.
Forgive yourself for not being perfect.
Allow yourself to fail.
Losing a battle is often winning a war.
Every servant of the light knows these problems. If the period of training were not long and hard people would graduate with unresolved (flawed) psyches that could heal /whole noone. Just let love rule, and do not question. There are answers but they’d only throw you further off balance if you found them now."

> Taken in conjunction with the post dated 8/2/93 this leads to an interesting question: what is the source of the wisdom that is made available to us in this way? I believe the answer is twofold – & it is summed up in the phrase 'what is truly within us is truly without us.' What we think of as being most authentically (& intimately) personal to our own mind is in fact our point of greatest openness to the great Mind in which we all participate & which some people call God/dess. We are unaware that when we present our clothed & painted public face (ego) to other humans our naked arse (unconscious) is fully visible in a mirror – & that nakedness is our god-ward aspect – so all the time we spend prinking & perming our public face is wasted, since it means nothing to our participation in 'God' & is in any case irrelevant to anyone whose perception goes beyond a purely physical /external level.
> So I think we are all carriers of the great wisdom that manifests throu dreams & synchronicities, but that it enters the world with the unique flavour of the personality who brings it. This I understand as the Orpheus myth – music is a divine gift, and once it's arrived it doesn't really matter who brought it, BUT it depends on specific individuals in order TO arrive. But the message is 'be authentic' - pay attention to your own inner process, let that speak, so that your
own mind learns to synchronise with the great Mind.

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