Do not fear the dark, embrace it

"Integrate yourself. Introduce the liar within you to the truth-teller. Make friends with the cheat. Bring the sponger into the light. Do not fear the dark, embrace it. You cannot achieve anything until all parts of yourself are of one mind - then comes a fusion of light, energy and love.
"That is your work, not dashing around on a white charger. It is simple, unglamorous ... and lasting. Heroes come, the focus of all eyes: they have their hour and are gone, leaving the debris for others to clear up. But this is not how I see or desire humans to be. I see the disregarded old person who showed love to hir small circle as infinitely more valuable. I see and cherish all those who are invisible to the world’s false value-systems. You will be very surprised when you enter fully into the spirit world and experience the atmosphere of delight, truthfulness & liberation from public posturing.
"Spend time thinking about this, and how you can spread simplicity and joy into everyone’s life."

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