Don't accept substitutes

"Even when it’s bad it’s good. This is the paradox. Nothing can happen that is not for your soul’s welfare. This is not to say that the fountain-spring of life causes it to happen. Far from it. Many of the greatest horrors that afflict the world are of humanity’s, or let’s be specific man’s, own making – his intellect prefers to discuss a belief, and believe in a belief, rather than penetrate to the reality where there is no belief, and therefore no discussion.
"You are at war with yourselves: that is why the right hand fights the left hand. It is significant that in terms of body language it is the exterior terminology that is described. For it is a competition of appearances. And those who are caught up in externality are the slaves of 'belief’. This has led to the death of billions. When their shallow and half-formed psyches hear certain trigger words it arouses the dragon of confusion, and like a sleeper suddenly roused, they lash out without understanding. And many die."
> This is not bad?
"It causes great suffering to be sure. But there is no bad or good, for these are terms you use to describe what you want /don’t want to happen or what makes you (un/)comfortable. You must penetrate beyond the surface reality if you are to understand and come to any point of balance.
The law of karma (action /reaction) governs the physical world. An unbalanced action produces an unbalanced reaction. Like a spinning top running out of control, only balance, centring and renewed motivation can recreate gyrostability. Many forces act upon the soul, some are constructive, some are destructive. And good fortune may be harder to bear in purity than bad fortune! True balance cannot be deflected either by good or bad, high or low, left or right, forwards or backwards. Grace(fulness) is balanced energy."

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