You control your reality - by remaining true to your self

Keep the energy flowing.
Keep the reality you wish to create always in your mind.
Don’t allow your vision to become contaminated by terrestrial energies.
Testing weeds out the dross, and refines the valuable.

Steer straight by keeping your eye on the longterm goal.
Once you lose sight of it the whole landscape changes and becomes confusing.
That is one thing that really is up to you.
If you’re focused we can help you, but if you lose focus we have no way of getting throu to you except when the psychic barrier thins during times of extreme emotion – disaster or joy.
The wilderness is a place for gaining clarity.
You cause yourself to enter it when you need to strip away the accumulated psychic rubbish.
But you don’t have to if you remain constant to what you’re shown.

Trust! Trust yourSelf."

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