The wall

"Don’t beat about the bush, strike out for the heart. When you were working in other mediums you were making allegories, now you’re telling it straight. Leap off the cliff. Trust. The process that brought you to this point isn’t going to abandon you, unless you abandon it.
"Do you see how your perception has changed? At first you saw the learning in terms of light, now you see that the light points towards love. Light enters throu the eyes and illuminates the brain, but love enters throu the heart and enflames the body. When love has consumed the body it is free to fly. Don’t seek explanations, they won't make sense. Just accept the flow. Have fun now. If you can learn to keep your eye on the ball – if you can come throu this we‘ll be more able to use you.
"In sports training you reach a point they call 'the wall'. You seem to reach your physical limits, but you must press on if you're to compete in the Finals. In the psychic world it's the same – only when, on reaching your limit (the bitter end!), you then 'allow' your self to lead can you pass throu the apparent barriers & so enter the glorious liberty of the children of god, the freedom from a 'reality' boundaried by materialistic considerations – the one where you know that your imagination creates the world around you."

This came at a time when I was resuming publication of my magazine without the safety-net of a publisher.

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