Tests focus where you need to grow

"What is the purpose of a test? To focus your awareness on a certain area where you need to grow. Whatever emotions arise in the epicentre of the test reflect an immaturity that needs to be developed, in your case the stewardship of resources. (Concentrate, concentrate, don’t diffuse your attention) Write only what is true, don’t dip your pen in the oil of flattery for commercial advantage. Your integrity is your most valuable asset. Follow your inner leadings at all costs. Fear blocks your inner voice: perfect love casts out fear. When you understand that saying you erase time. Don’t fiddle around with inessentials. Go for the heart and don’t deviate.
What more reassurance do you want? Trust the process. Ebenezer – ‘up till now God has blest us’. Praise sets you free. Be as a stone blessing the chisel that shapes it from an unformed rock into an image to be admired for eternity.

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