I require nothing of you except love

"I require nothing of you except love. Why I say you should live each day at a time, is because if you plan, your brain spins off on its own trajectory. Its not that it's morally wrong, it's just that you thereby lose contact with the wellsprings of your personality. You can’t respond honestly with joy, sadness, uncertainty, or change plan suddenly when new factors enter the picture, because all your planning would go awry – and you ‘can’t afford' that. How happy if you can make your work your source of praise. Don’t let your occupation be a curse or a millstone. Surrender it to me, and let me use it for my purposes. You may be a soldier, or work in the meat trade, it doesn’t matter. No matter what you do, you shouldn’t move until I lead you (if it's already happening you’ll know). I can help you learn better and faster in an adverse situation than in a smooth and favourable one.
"The key to change is praise. PRAISE – honouring your connection with the one-ness! Shout it from the rooftops.
"Praise lightens everything, your burdens, the atmosphere, your friendships. And light spreads light contagiously till everything is a riot of colour and de–light. And from that grows the richest fruit – love. That is how you can recognise the truly enlightened – they love; and spread love around as an apple tree showers apples on the earth. You can't help it, love buds from your branches when it is spring, glistens on your boughs when in flower, aches all over your body when it is summer, and falls into the waiting hands of a hungry world when the harvest–time comes.
"Don’t ask when it'll be time for harvest – it already is. As deep as your roots so high shall be your tree, and all the birds of air shall come and make their habitation therein. BE. Don’t seek. Think of the connecting eyes revolving around the throne: praise > light > love >> praise …"

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