Whatever you are is right for right now, but who knows what you can become?

"Really, we could stop communicating directly in this way and just let you get on with it. You already have enough to occupy you. Indeed we sometimes wonder whether what we say may not distract you from what you’ve already been told! But it's the way of the spiritual universe to continue to grow and evolve. What is new doesn’t invalidate what has gone before, nor does it suggest that it was incomplete. What you were before was right for you then, what you are is right for you now, and what you may become will be right for your future – call it growth, or call it an appropriate response to the situation.
"Your current situation offers you the power to grow, seize the moment, don’t let it pass you by ‘ungrown’. Welcome troubles as you welcome joy. And praise, praise, dear heart, always praise! Honouring the supreme being is honouring life – honouring life is honouring your self – honouring your self is honouring the supreme being, whose nature you share."

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