The training program

"Part of the strength of a soldier or a sports person is hir self-belief. It creates a psychic force-field around them. The integration of their personality and body is supremely focused in combat-readiness. In order to reach that position they had to undergo long, hard and painful training. So do you.
"When a human coach orders a trainee to do something s/he expects to be obeyed: if the trainee fails the result will have implications for the relationship. If you believe that those spiritual realities you have experienced are trustworthy submit yourself to them just as you would to a human coach. You don’t need to worry about being required to undertake any exotic tasks – all the early lessons are about listening and responding. Only when you are completely secure and obedient will you be sent any of the harder lessons.
"The divine force does not require your help: but if you prove your determination to at-one with it you will be led on a training program to make you into a spiritual warrior sustained in your intunity on a personal wavelength by a c(h)ord of divine harmony. Inner strength only comes from battle-toughness. Don’t shirk conflict. Look for the hottest battle-scene you have the faith for and stand firm regardless of what is thrown at you. Try not to duck out, but if you have to, don’t regard it as failure. The object is not a hard surface but a tough and flexible core."

> This came one day before an event that just about anyone would have regarded as a disaster. I certainly did! Looking back on it with hindsight I now see how by breaking things out of my hands the divine force was offering me the most effective kind of transformation.

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