The chosen are tested in the furnace of humiliation

"You must go throu your fears to uncover your true nature. Fears are connected with lack and self-limitation. Trust your guides to gently peel away whatever is to go. In your case many fears about want/survival encompass your ability to create – well, these have to go. You must accept the initiatory night if you are ever to see the fullness of your true dawn. Go to the limit - you will find it isn’t the limit.
"Accept death, and accept dying in all its forms as nothing more than transformation – as part of life itself, as release. Do not fear to die to whatever you are now. Every organism requires certain structures in its early stages which it can dispense with later on. What feels like death is your limitations eroding to allow the larger picture to emerge.
Trust it. Trust your guides. Trust your own heart, which has brought you this far without deception. Trust me, the force who draws you onward into the power of dawn.
The more you trust, the more you are: the more you are, the more you trust.
"God has no needs because s/he is total trusting. S/he is the only personality who makes no demands whatever of you, that is why so many find hir so hard to comprehend, hir touch is as the wind caressing your shoulder: you look round expecting to see someone, you see nothing: for there is noone, there is only everything, and it is only in comprehending (trusting) the totality of experience that you can begin sense the creator-spirit.
"If you ask how one awareness comprehends all, the answer is twofold: on the level of physical manifestation (the exoteric) that one awareness is all, or, all is one awareness. On the metaphysical plane (the esoteric) there is no division of separate personalities into separated personalities. It is like the closest and deepest family where all are in instinctive commun(icat)ion. The only law is love, and this love irradiates the universe(s).
"You can find and experience all this for yourself if you trust and love your own stillness enough to feel the infinitely powerless -yet all-achieving- solar wind of love passing throu you. When you can, you have hold of the immortal part of you, your very Self; but you can no more hold onto it than you can hold onto love; if you clutch it will evaporate within your hand.
"When love has shown hirself to you like this, you must follow, as surely as the pilgrim must follow the call of the road, or the wild animal hir senses. To do otherwise is death - in this sense deathis turning back, stagnating, not changing, and ultimately decaying. Even this has a place of course, but if your calling is to re-fine /redefine yourself in order pass behind the mesh of appearances to the freedom of the ever-expanding universe within, you will miss your fullest self-actualisation if you cannot let go and simply trust love hirself.
"It isn’t hard. Really! You are only being asked to be as wonderful as you know yourself to be, and you are being assured of acceptance so you don’t need to pose! Be, and know that I, your teacher and guide, will never allow you to come to harm if you trust. (If you don’t I cannot be answerable for the consequences. Trust, my dear one.)

"I have not given you my name because some of you know me by one name and some by another. All of us who serve the light at an esoteric level are like jewels, we reflect different intensities of light and balances of colour in order to help those whose nature most attracts them to respond to that particular energy-level, but it is the same light entering all. You too can be a light-transmitter, rather than a light-absorber, if you will allow the process of purification to work in your life, clearing away the dross, scrubbing clean the windows of your soul, spring-cleaning the dark and dirty corners of accumulated garbage.
"When you are in tune, in love, en-lightened, your whole being resonates with health and you attract good to yourself just as surely as the opposite state attracts the opposite fate.
Be, my darling, my love. Be, don’t apologise, be your true self."

> This came just after the bombshell had burst when my magazine had collapsed & only disgrace & disaster appeared to lie ahead.

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