Even the dark way leads to the light

"What do you expect? Miracles? Yes, you should expect miracles; but for miracles to happen you need to stay free. Miracles happen when you have a need and are in line with your energy.
"Do not limit me by your expectations. Fire purifies. I require of all who follow me the test of fire. The 2 may come together in some great crisis.
"Welcome adversity. Give praise for setbacks. They are to prove you not to reprove you.
"Well? Maybe you do have to walk the dark way? Are you willing to trust even that? 'Darkness and light alike are mine.’
"If you have done everything required of you what have you to reproach yourself with?"

> Later in this day in 1993 a bombshell exploded in my life. My magazine had been publishing an advertising supplement for a healing exhibition. The printer which the exhibition co had insisted on turned round & demanded £1000 above the contracted price. While we were negotiating the exhibition co went behind my back & printed the programme w/t the advertising - leaving me in the lurch. Coupled with that my advertising manager suddenly disappeared. I was thus absolutely hog-tied.

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