Tao Te Ching 39

These achieve one-pointedness:
… the sky - whence clarity
… the earth - whence tranquillity
… the gods - whence divinity
… the valley - whence fertility
… the diversity of matter - whence life
… the emperor - whence social harmony
All came from one-pointedness.

Sky, without clarity, would disintegrate
Earth, without tranquillity, would erupt
Gods, without divinity, would disappear
Valley, without fertility, would become desert
Diversity of matter, without life, would be dead
Emperor, without social harmony, would be overthrown.

High structures need solid ground.
When rulers describe their role as lonely, helpless and unmerited are they not using humility as an anchor?

Don't seek to be glossy and desirable like jade;
but be dull and dependable like rock.

I paraphrased this and the surrounding ones as a refuge from madness during the weekend I directed the Cherubim Trust Mozart Weekend

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