Tao Te Ching 38

Following the right path requires constant effort – and therefore generates spiritual energy.
   Following the herd requires no effort – and therefore generates no energy.
The right path is not complicated but must be followed for itself own sake.
   In herd life people are forever motivated by ulterior motives and personal advantage.
Goodwill requires fine judgment but must be exercised for its own sake.
   Apparently virtuous actions often contains mixed motives.
Social conformity enforces precise demands with violent threats.

Once this occurs Tao [/cosmic energy flow] is lost,
   followed by loss of confidence,
      loss of goodwill,
         and finally civil behaviour.

Those preoccupied with external forms have only a superifical integrity over depths of inner chaos.
   Those claiming to understand Tao are generally superficial and thus spread misinformation.
The wise don't dwell on surface issues, but penetrate to the heart of things by study and observation.
   They arent misled by the flower but wait for the fruit, showing learning and discrimination.

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