What is finished art?

There must be as many attitudes to what constitutes ‘completion’ of a work of art as there are creative artists. And the ‘final’ result depends on the life-perceptions that the artist holds as well as the discipline (solitary /collaborative) in which s/he has been drawn to work.

Some people are impelled by a mix of these factors to a high level of finish – for others their very perceptions may be based on ‘inspired dithering.’ In a way this is the journey for a creative individual. It is each artist’s own psychosomatic makeup that creates their signature quality - as of course it does for all of us.
I think however that a distinction lies between those who are driven by inner ideas & those who are processors of sensory experience. I tend towards the former, but I also think that those like Cézanne who tend more to be ‘observers’ often leave more pathways into their work, loose ends if you will, that makes them more accessible to the general public.

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