Creating the future

Maybe at the end of my life I shall be able to write genuinely popular music, but that will be after I've clarified my own darkness - and it was to encounter and process that that I entered the wilderness in 1992. I've only lately come to accept the full enormity (& I do mean enormity) of the burden of taking responsibility for the future.

How can other people's un/happiness rest on any decisions I take? Yet we see how within a family setting we all live with the consequences of decisions taken by our forebears, whether deliberate or accidental. How we were educated was also the consequence of decisions taken by others, possibly generations earlier. Could Purcell or Rembrandt imagine how they would still be influencing people 3 centuries later? So we who are creative artists in our turn will condition the lives of people we'll never meet.

Strangely, this task - the most crucial, the most intimate, the most wide-ranging - is simply up for grabs, like an undefended citadel. The only qualification for entrry is anywherelse(the fear of the Lord) and utter passivity. The job involves standing still and allowing light to flow throu you.

It doesn't come all the time, but when it does you have only to be a secretary. Whether or how it reaches other people, I have learnt, is simply not your responsibility. What is however is to keep your channel clear, the conscious-unconscious link; and here dreams are supremely important for unblockinh &/or keeping the inner fluid energy circulating.

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