You are not your body

"Love. Breathe it in. Let it breathe you in – inspire you. Feel what it is like to be love in the nostrils of the great Being. Imagine the fresh warm air. Imagine the power of a majestic calmness. Imagine the storm of that Being's indignation. Imagine the tenderness of hir peace.
"Be at peace. Don’t strive so. Who you perceive yourSelf to be in the material world is governed by the messages your body gives you about who you are.
"If you have a car its make and style influence your self-image, but it is merely a vehicle for you to travel around in. So it is with your body – spiritually it is no more significant than a car. To admire mere bodies is to be stuck on the bottom rung of reality. Like a car, the body decays – yet the driver never grows old. Lay not up treasures for your selves where rust and moth corrupt and thieves break throu and steal: but lay up for your selves treasure in Heaven."

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