Letting go

"You will never shift from the material plane if you continue to be preoccupied with material things. You’re running along the runway at full speed, but unless you take your courage in both hands and tug the lever at the right moment to lift yourself high into the air you’re going to come to the end of the runway. And then you’re going to have to go all the way round and try it again.
"Let go! All that is involved is letting go of material things. Yes, you may be in the midst of them, you may be involved handling some material project –you may continue to be concerned with it– but you must let it go or it will bind you to the earth. Letting go means allowing the project to succeed or fail on its own terms. Whatever need you feel your work is serving, however much you may feel you’ve been called to it, so long as you strive you’re working in your own strength, and ø the work will last as long as your own strength lasts.
"If you let go it means allowing the work to take on a pattern and strength of its own. It's that simple. You can’t talk about it until you’re living it. If you’re living it you won’t need to talk about it.
"We don’t mind saying all this stuff hundreds of times over. It's our function to be here to help you develop, and we’re willing for that to happen at whatever pace you can manage. We just want to encourage you to discover true happiness, and not be continually bogged down by problems which you could have avoided if you were airborne.
"Don’t worry, nobody’s reproaching you. You draw to yourself whatever energies you put out. As long as you desire good, what is good for you will come (tho you may not recognise it till afterwards) – at whatever degree of intensity you desire it. What ever you truly desire, you will achieve. So let your ambition be for things of the spirit that will lift you high above the circling clouds to the realm where there is no decay or change to a land of sunlit delight. Yes yes, you see it, you smell the new–mown hay, you are drawn by the sound of laughter – the music and the dancing, all, all are ready. It wants only you. Let go, and float up to the welcome party that is already prepared for you."

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