Don’t become addicted to speed

"Balance your busyness with times of stillness. If you are unavoidably caught up in activity don’t become addicted to the need for speed. Constantly check out and check in. As you were told, you won't achieve solvency until you can learn to float on a raft of praise. Think about it, you struggle keep your head above water because your consciousness, your ego, your survival, impels you to. If you would stop struggling the surface of the water would support you, but you must become lighter. Stop carrying so much baggage! It’s back to pleasing people again, isn’t it – being a hero, picking up their karma?
"Stick to the central issue. Write only what you’re shown. Be, don’t prove yourself. If there’s any proving /testing /tempering to be done, I’ll do it. Do you see me racing around like a madman? No, you find me always at peace, always aware. Be likewise!"

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