Your vibration attracts like minds

"Once no requirement for sanctification existed. Before humans started to invent things they had no power to differentiate themselves from other life-forms. But once humans began to use tools as a means of willing events into existence, purity of motive began to be important. Prior to that life-forms had no intention beyond life itself.
"At this stage will became a part of the world’s evolutionary path (as it had always been implicitly). Will is necessarily free will, and therefore exists at more evolved psychological level than instinct which follows a path without knowing why. So you can see that for anyone who desires to achieve self-knowledge(=one-pointedness=personal destiny) sanctification of intention is a prerequisite. By sanctification I mean deep inner examination, and a conscious willing toward ‘self-knowledge=one-pointedness=personal destiny’. The strength/depth of that conscious willing puts you in touch on an inner plane (call it etheric or ESP if you will) with others who will the same.
"That is why it is so important to allow the ‘sanctification’ (however you conceive it) to be a centring down, a neutralising of emotion. If you carry the emotions of your conscious mind into that process you continue to assert your individuality. By placing your self at the disposal of ‘self-knowledge=one-pointedness=personal destiny’ you are inviting it to create ‘elective tribes’ - that is, tribes of humans fully committed to the conscious real-isation of their humanity – very different from the herd instincts of the less evolved.
"The emergence into spiritual tribes (religions) is an intermediate stage; but eventually the attachment to materially-located awareness will give way completely to psychically-sustained awareness – which is what true knowledge is, always was; as is destined to be more widely perceived.
"In this process, sanctification of will must impart itself to what we create and our material environment. This will permit/involve /cause the transmutation of matter into spirit; and thus the regeneration of the earth planet in the way foreseen by so many visionaries and prophets."

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