Stay close to your flame

"Do you see how wise you are when you allow yourself to be guided by your inner light?
"No matter how unpromising the situation, quieten your outer senses and tune in to your inner guidance. The still flame of the spirit burning within your heart powers the whole thinking/walking/eating/love-making animal that is You, as you appear in the world. But that still flame is fuelled by the divine organic evolutionary process of which physical matter and metaphysical anti-matter are equally part. (Since will precedes realisation the meta-physical plane is of even greater significance than the physical, for it is there that intentions are created which can assume and one of a number of physical forms when they’re implemented.)
"The central point is you are your own health and your own sickness. If you stay close to that still flame of the spirit within you you will guided by your inner wisdom, if you deviate from that meta-physical awareness you’ll be led astray by the pull of the culture surrounding you or by the spinning wheel of your brain.
"Quiet, heart-grounded is best and truest, and timelessly enduring because timelessly true."

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