Living in the experience of trust

"For each person there is a ‘central issue’ – a psychological crux. For you that is money=trust, trust=money.

"Trust is reciprocal. It is not just a question of your trusting me, I must also trust you – which is another way of saying the ‘not–I’ within you must also trust the ‘I’, the ego that you are. Or to put it another way your ego–consciousness and your spiritual connectedness must be completely integrated. There must be no thinking one thing and doing another. Consonance, harmony.
"If you have been given a very complex character that may be quite hard: but this is the sort of test you have come here for! You have chosen one of the hardest paths of all — yet one of the most rewarding. and quickest. Because when you’re involved with commerce, that is with the lowest common denominator of worldly affairs. There is no sympathetic brotherhood who can collude with you to create an illusion of spiritual achievement.
"You are and will always be sustained. I think you know that at least by now. But that is not enough, you must go forward in full faith. It is inaccurate to talk of a ‘test of faith’ for that implies failure and spiritually there is no such thing as failure, so it would be better to talk of the proof or proving of faith in the sense that it is the first fruits of harvest.
"Honesty begins and ends in your most secret heart – not in what is believed about you elsewhere."

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