Being dependent should not equal dependency

> Holy one, your perfection and the simplicity of your beauty never cease to amaze me

"Thank you, thank you. If you're beginning to see /feel beyond your own need then we can work together. Who can work in partnership with someone who always places hirself in a position of inferiority? Tho I sustain all those who depend on me for that is my role, I rejoice when one reaches the maturity to begin to create a reciprocal relationship – for being a provider /sustainer is awfully lonely. Fun and the desire for friendship are as much the characteristics of higher beings as of those whose consciousness is dominated by the physical.
Pay all your bills in faith. Do not retain what is given you to share. This is the message of money. Holding it fast burdens you and keeps you earthbound; giving it away releases you to fly to the skies where you will meet it fluttering around free.
Go. Let us see if you have learnt your lesson."

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